Genetic Diseases in Corgis

Genetic diseases in Corgis & our stance at Harman Corgis

All dogs inherit some type of genetic diseases and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are no exception.  As science progresses, more genetic diseases will be added to the list but right now we know that DM, EIC, vWD1, X-SCID and PRA-rcd3 are inherited diseases in Corgis with simple modes of inheritance. 

Research shows that hip dysplasia and IVDD, both found in Corgis, are more complex and have both a genetic and environmental component.  The Pembroke Welsch Corgi Club of America does not require testing for all of these genetic diseases however we feel that all of these tests can help us produce healthier puppies.

Here at Harman Corgis, we test all of our adult breeding dogs through Embarks breeders panel.  From this we are able to obtain information on all of the genetic diseases discussed below as well as other traits like coat and body characteristics.  

Genetic diseases with simple modes of inheritance

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Genetic diseases with strong environmental components

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