Bedtime Routine

Making the first nights a success

Hopefully, the first nights will not be too bad. It will be a big adjustment for your puppy to be away from its siblings and mom but it will be okay. If you will use my nightly routine for the first few nights, it should help your puppy recognize when it is time to go to bed.

While here, your puppy will be in a large puppy pen with its littermates. The setup is similar to my suggested pen set up with crates whose doors are open, a litterbox, toys, and chew items. This is a larger version of the puppy pen setup that I recommend you set up for your puppy.

Our bedtime routine is that after playing and going to the bathroom, I put them in their pen, turn off the lights and play a lullaby CD for them. Within minutes they calm down and go to sleep.

Your Go Home Bag will contain a blanket that smells like mom, toys that smell like littermates, and some chew items.  My recommendation to you is to place the blanket that smells like mom, toys that smell like their littermates and chews in their crate or pen, turn off the light and play the same children’s lullabies that I do – Fred Mollins Disney Lullaby. You can easily access it on youtube or Spotify for free (see the link below). I would do this for several nights until they get accustomed to your home.

Since they are so small they may have to go to the bathroom once or twice during the night.  Crate training will go along with housebreaking to train your puppy to hold it as they get bigger.  When I am crate training a puppy I remove the water about an hour before bedtime and make sure to take them out to the bathroom right before bedtime.