Crate Training Your Puppy

Your puppy is still working on crate training.

We want the crate to be a safe enjoyable place for your puppy so this is going to take time.  Here is my general protocol

  1. Start by making the crate a fun enjoyable place – make it comfy and add a special fantastic long-lasting treat.  
  • Fantastic long-lasting treat ideas:
    • Kong filled with peanut butter or cheese
    • Stuffed cow hoof
    • Lick mat
    • Some people use a raw meaty bone but I do not.  Use with caution – I do not recommend this

2. A tired puppy will be easier to work with so play, play, play before introducing your puppy to the crate

3. Place the fantastic long-lasting treat in the crate and sit the puppy down by the crate.  The goal is to get the puppy to go into the crate on its own.  It also helps if the puppy has not recently eaten or has only had a snack.