House Training Your Puppy

What your puppy knows

Litter Box Training

  • Your puppy is familiar with using a litterbox, grass or a pee pad.  I would set up the Puppy Area as suggested.

The Next step in House Training your puppy

  • The next step is to house training your puppy.  During this process, your puppy will learn to hold their waste and let you know when they need to go outside no different than potty training a child. The Zak George videos will help you with the process.  Hopefully, you are watching the series where he gets Inertia.  These free videos can help you train your puppy into a wonderful friend! 

Other helpful hints

  • no food 3 hours before bedtime
  • limit water at night

Signs that your puppy needs to go out

  • circling
  • sniffing the floor
  • whining
  • an abrupt change in play or behavior
  • door scratching
  • returning to an area where they went before