Daisy and Jed litter

Head of Pembroke female


Litter Info

  • AKC Registered
  • 2 Boys & 2 Girls – both girls will be staying here
  • Coat Colors: Sables and or reds
  • Coat length: Standard short or fluffy carriers
  • Mom normally weighs around 28 lbs and dad is around 34 lbs 
  • Born: Nov 26, 2022
  • Go Home Date:  Probably the first week of February.  I have my transporter booked for the weekend of Feb 4.  I will get you a transport quote in case you choose this option.
  • Vet Check Date:  Jan 10
  • Formal Temperament Testing:  Jan 16-18
  • Puppy Picking Dates:  Weekend of Jan 28, 2023 

How Old I Am Today

Who We Are

The Boys

Red collar
Blue collar


The Girls

Pink collar
Green collar

Weekly emails

I will send out an email every Wednesday to help get your prepared for your pup.  You will also get weekly emails once you get your pup to provide you with some tips for puppy survival.  Please watch for these emails and let me know if you are not receiving them.


Watch Us Grow

  • I have set up a Flickr album for photos and a YouTube Playlist for videos so that you can watch they as they grow up.  I will try to add snapshots and videos twice a week.
  • Due to scammers stealing photos, I have made the Flikr album private.  Please click on the link below to see photos.
  • If you subscribe to our Youtube channel you should get notifications when I add new videos. 
  • I do not name each puppy because I believe that is the right of the owner.  I will refer to each puppy by a color.  Shortly after birth, each puppy is marked with a specific color of nontoxic fabric paint on the back of their necks.  Once they are 4 weeks old they will get a tiny Velcro collar and it will be easier for you to identify them as they grow. 
  • You can bookmark both of these sites or sign up for notifications so that you will know when new pictures and videos are added. 

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What we have been doing

As you are aware, our puppies get worked with daily.  I thought that it might be fun for you to follow along with what they are doing and learning each week.  We have developed this program specifically for our breed based on the work of the top puppy programs in the nation.  Our program is based upon developmental markers that we see in the puppies so it may vary from litter to litter or puppy to puppy.  I will try to update our weekly activities  so that you have a better understanding of what you are seeing in videos and pictures.  If puppies are not ready for an activity it will be put off until the next week. 

Planned activities for this week:

  • Get our first collar (colored Velcro collar). Get our first vaccination & worming (neopar & pyrantel)
  • Move to a weaning pen
  • Work on potty training to the litter box
  • Start sleeping in a crate with the doors open
  • Start manding (sitting before the food bowl is given)
  • Learn to take a treat – The first taste of Cheese!
  • Continue working on the Puppy Call
  • Daily handling exercises
  • New toys daily
  • Barrier challenge
  • New music daily
  • New sounds daily
  • 3 new experiences this week
  • Nail trims on Sunday

Planned activities for this week:

  • We are toddling well!  Moved into a modified crate with a bed and litterbox. 
  • Teeth erupted – we started eating puppy mousse and are now eating soaked kibble with probiotics.  We are messy eaters!
  • We are learning to come to the Puppy Call
  • We realize that there is a place to go to the bathroom and a place to keep clean and sleep.  We are starting to use our litterbox but we still have LOTS of accidents.  Leslie cleans our area 2-3 times a day.  
  • We are beginning to try to play and talk.  We get an assortment of new toys to play with daily that have different textures and sounds.
  • We listen to a new genre of music every day and listen to at least one new sound daily. 
  • We have handling exercises every day.  Our ears get rubbed, eyes are covered, teeth are checked, neck rubbed, gentle petting, tummy rubs while on our back, each paw is rubbed and nails are tapped to decrease sensitivity.
  • We started working on walking on different surfaces this week
  • Nail trims on Sunday

Planned activities for this week:

  • Weighed once a day
  • This group started toddling early.  Soft toys and other tactile objects were added to their whelping box for them to explore
  • Our ears opened on days 16-17 and we could hear.  Soft music, rattle toys, crinkle toys were added to their whelping box for them to explore sounds.
  • Nail trims on Sunday

Planned activities for this week:

  • Weighed twice a day and supplemented as needed
  • ENS continued
  • Our eyes opened from days 12-14:  Handling exercises started after our eyes were open

Planned activities for this week:

  • Weighed twice a day and supplemented as needed
  • Starting on day 3, ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) is started.  This helps prepare puppies to deal with stress in their lives and forms stable dogs.