Puppy Training Options

"All puppies require training to fit into the human world"

Your puppy will require training.  Without training, your puppy will become an unruly dog that will not be fun to be around.  
Your puppy came to you with a great start.  We worked on many things that will help make their training process go faster and smoother but now things are up to you.  

What type of training will my dog require?

The following is a list of the basic things that we believe dogs should be trained for or worked with so that they will fit into the human world.  Your puppy was introduced to all of these things while with us.  Why do we start working with puppies on these things are such a young age?  Because, puppies learn best what puppies learn first.  Will your puppy be fully house broken, crate trained or leash trained when you get them?  NO, but your puppy will have been introduced to all of these concepts therefore they will be able to learn faster when they are trained for each of these things. 

1. House breaking
Crate training
3. Leash Training
4. Socialization work 
5. Desensitizing work
6. Manners

What options are out there to help with training?

Some types of training must be done at home.  These items include house breaking, crate training, desensitizing your puppy and working on manners.  Other types of training can either be taught at home or through a class.  These items include leash training and manners.  Socialization will need to be done at home and outside the home but can easily be accomplished by the new owner.  Let’s talk about good options for each type of training.

Puppy Classes – Socialization with other dogs & basic manners

I believe that well run puppy classes are a great place to help socialize your pup.  In a well run class, puppies will be monitored as they interact with other and puppies will learn some basic manners and how to interact with other dogs.   In my opinion, well run puppy classes or puppy kindergarten classes are great for helping socialize your puppy with other dogs.  In most cases, your puppy will have to be full vaccinated before they can participate so that normally means that your puppy will be around 15 weeks old.  Many training places offer a general obedience class for puppies once they graduate puppy kindergarten.  These classes can also be great but what do you do until your pup can attend a puppy class and what about house breaking, crate training and manners?

At home training – House breaking, Crate training, Manners & More

– You should work on basic training like house breaking, create training, manners and much more soon after you get your puppy.  You will also want to work on socialization with people, continued desensitizing your pup to touch, sounds that they will hear in the future as well as many more experiences.  We will talk about how to safely socialize your pup while not fully vaccinated once you get your puppy but right now let’s explore several training options to help you get started training your pup at home. I have personally worked through all 3 of these options and had success.  


1. Baxter & Bella’s Online puppy School:  You get lifetime access to their training.  If you are interested in this option, use the code HARMAN to receive 25% off your purchase.  Cost with this discount is $179. 

What is covered?  
     Classes on…
     House training
     Crate training
     Manners & Cues including marker or lure training, resource guarding, impulse control & leave it
     Puppy Biting
     Kids & Puppies
     Leash Work
     My adult dog

     Courses designed for different ages of dogs & pups…
     Basic puppy course (6 weeks)
     Games & Activities course (6 weeks)
     Junior course (4 weeks)
     Intermediate course (6 weeks)
     AKC CGC Prep course (6 weeks)
     Advanced Course (4 weeks)

What is offered?
     Online training
 – this training is accessed online and taught through videos that explain step by step what to do with your puppy.   
     Coaching is available through weekly Q&A events or you can book One-On-One video sessions or One-On-One phone calls with a trainer
     Multiple Groups that you can join
     Resource Library
     Videos & Printables

2.  Good Dog’s Puppy Training classes: If you choose to pay for your puppy through Good Dog’s platform and choose the Protection & Support option you will get free access to this training.  

What is covered?
     House training
     Crate training
     Socialization based on age
     Manners & Cues including using taglines, how to stop barking, how to come when called & marker training

What is offered?
     Online training
– this training is accessed online and taught through videos that explain step by step what to do with your puppy.   
     Coaching is available through weekly zoom meetings and weekly office hours for answering your questions through emails.
     Community support through their private Facebook community.

 3. Zak George’s free training videos – I have linked many of his videos in the buyers area of our website.  A quick google search will bring up his videos and you can get a feel for how helpful they are.  I do like the series where he starts with a new puppy and works through multiple trainings.