Puppy Viewing Times

It is almost time to pick your puppy.  To make this process go as smoothly as possible please let us know when you will be available to do a zoom meeting to pick your puppy.  Please provide me with ALL TIMES and DATES that you could possibly do a meeting.  I do not mind doing them in the evening if that is what needs to happen. 

During the zoom meeting you will be able to see the puppies in action and I will be able to tell you something about their personalities.  This is also a great time to ask questions.  This process normally takes around 45 minutes but I will schedule an hour in case you have lots of questions. 

Please enter the times that you will be available on the following dates.  Remember that I will set up meetings in the order of people on the waiting list so please give me all days and times that you have availability so that we can make the process go as smoothly as possible.  I will contact you if there is a problem making the schedule work.  I will also contact you once I have your time scheduled with the date, time and zoom meeting info.

If you experience problems with this form submitting, please email Leslie at Leslie@harmancorgis.com.

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Remember that I will schedule meetings with people in the order that they appear on the waiting list.  Sometimes schedules work out and we are able to place all of the puppies in a couple of days while other times it takes longer so please be patient. 

I will contact you to set up a specific date and time for your zoom meeting as soon as possible.