The first days home with your puppy

My puppy is home…..Whats next?

Setting up the Puppy Area

Getting to know your puppy

Spend time getting to know your puppy.  Spend time playing and petting your puppy.  Understand that until this point they have lived with their siblings their entire life and now he or she is in an unfamiliar place.  The bag that came with your puppy contains a small blanket with the scent of your puppy’s mom and siblings.  Be sure to place this blanket in with the puppy where they sleep and give it to them if they become fussy.  It really does work. It is also important to understand that puppies need lots of sleep.  A good rule of thumb is that for every hour the puppy is awake they will need 3 hours of sleep.

Feeding your puppy - How much & when

How to work on manners and recall while feeding your puppy

Work on making a vet appointment for the next set of shots & worming

Now is the time to be making a vet appointment for your puppy’s next set of shots and worming.  Puppies require a series of vaccinations to become immune to deadly diseases like Parvo and Distemper.  Your puppy has received their first shots but will require additional vaccinations to ensure that they are protected.  He or she will need another set of shots within 2 weeks of arriving at your home. If you are a new client it may take a while to set up a new account so call now.  

It is important to protect your puppy from exposure to deadly diseases until they are fully vaccinated, around 15 weeks of age!  It is up to you to ensure that they are kept safe.  Here are some does and don’ts… 

  • Don’t let your puppy get near other dogs unless you are absolutely sure that they are fully vaccinated and up to date on their vaccinations – no nose to nose contact!
  • Don’t let your puppy walk, play or go to the bathroom in places where other dogs have been such as a dog park, rest stop area, grassy area by a store.
  • Don’t take your puppy into a store until they are fully vaccinated.  The floor or toys may be contaminated and cause your puppy to get sick
  • When in doubt, skip it. 
  • Do visit with your veterinarian on their recommendations
  • You can still work on leash training inside.
  • If you have a backyard without other dogs work on potty training and play outside