Getting to know you & your family

Thank you for taking the time to complete this information.  Adopting a Corgi is a big commitment and these questions will allow us to learn more about you and help us find the right puppy to fit your lifestyle and family.  It should also make you aware of things that you should consider when adopting a Corgi puppy.  There are no right or wrong answers and your answers will not disqualify you from adopting a Corgi.  We will contact you or ask for references if we have additional questions.

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Please review the following information and waiting list policy's first

Colors of Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis come in many colors. Their coat color will change as they age. Please review this information to help pick your desired colors.


Please review our current puppy pricing. Our prices are determined by color, level of registration and registry. Please look at our Colors of Corgis document as well.


We do require buyers to sign a legally binding contract when purchasing a puppy. Please review the appropriate contract now and ask us any questions that you have.

Waiting List Policy

Please review our Waiting List policy for an explanation of how the process works and what to expect once your on the list and waiting to get a puppy.