Online Puppy Training

We are proud to partner with Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy School to bring you a great training option.  We believe that this is a great option for puppy and obedience training if you are unable to attend live classes and have used it on our own puppies. This training continues along with what your puppy already knows from our Next Level Puppy Program, is convenient, easy to follow, and reasonably priced.

The importance of training

All dogs need training but due to the energy level, herding nature and personality of Corgis training is critical to creating a dog that will successfully fit in with your family and be able to function in a human world.  Untrained dogs create stress for their owners and the relationship is filled with tension. 

We believe that all puppies need training!  A couple of good options are

  • in person puppy classes followed by obedience classes
  • a quality online training course such as the Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School

“The experiences that a puppy has during their first 16-18 weeks of life greatly impact how they function in a human world for the rest of their lives.”

Black headed tri Corgi by her master
Young red Corgi
Red Corgi

Training during the first 9-10 weeks of life

We will have your puppy for the first 9-10 weeks of its life.  During that time we use our Next Level Puppy Program so every puppy undergoes

  • ENS (early neurological stimulation) which has been shown to create more resilient dogs who are healthier and handle stressful situations better in life.
  • socialization
  • manner training
  • basic crate training of sleeping in a crate with the doors open
  • litter box training
  • leash training
  • desensitizing to sounds, textures and touch  
  • recall

Training from weeks 9 - 18 and beyond once it leaves our care

This period of training will be performed by you the new owner.  It will be your responsibility to continue on with the training that we have started in order to create a dog that will become part of your family.  Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy School is one option to help you. You will need to continue on with

  • socialization
  • manners
  • crate training
  • house training
  • leash training
  • desensitizing to sounds and touch so that your dog can easily be groomed and will be a good patient at the vet’s office
  • obedience training
Red headed Tri Corgi

What we love about Baxter & Bella

  • Reasonably Priced – You will receive a 25% discount when you use our code HARMAN.  This means that you get lifetime access to the program for only $178.
  • This training continues on with the socialization & training that your puppy was started with  
  • Effective Techniques that work
  • You can train from anywhere when it is convenient for you
  • Lessons are well laid out in both written and video format
  • Lifetime access
  • You can ask a trainer directly for help for specific problems

An overview of Baxter & Bella

Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School info sheet
Baxter and Bella events, classes and courses
Baxter and Bella Curriculum Roadmap
Baxter and Bella Curriculum checklist
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