Getting to know the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Yes everyone loves a Corgis fluffy butt, big ears and short legs but they are not the right breed for everyone.  Getting to know the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an important to make sure that this dog fits your lifestyle.  Even though they vary personality wise, here are some common characteristics of the breed that you should be aware of when considering this breed.

1. They are very smart - almost too smart

Corgis need a job!!!  Because they were once used to herd livestock, they are independent thinkers that require a lot of mental stimulation.  When bored they may become destructive.  Plan of spending a time everyday enriching their lives with play time, games and training.  A variety of toys, chews and interactive toys can help. You might consider a monthly subscription box to add a variety of new toys, chews and treats.

Tri colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

2. They are a herding breed

They were originally bred to herd livestock and herding characteristics are still present in the breed today. Corgis are very active, high energy dogs that need exercise daily.  They love to go so if you are an active person this may fit your lifestyle.  Corgis often try to herd small children, other animals or even their adult owners.  They will often nip are at your heels or grab ahold of your pants leg.  People often ask if they make a good family pet.  The answer depends upon how much training you do with your Corgi.  They like many other breeds need training to know what behavior is acceptable and how to deal with children.  These dogs are not natural baby sitters that will allow children to tug at their hair, crawl all over them and roughly pet them.   Like with herding livestock, the faster a child or other animal runs when playing with them the rougher they will play.  When properly trained they can make great family pets.

3. Some love to bark

They love their owners and will let them know when there is something new or out of place by barking.  They will also bark if they become bored, want to play or are looking for attention.  It is important for them to always have appropriate toys and chews to curb boredom.  A good training program can help stop barking behaviors too.

4. They shed a lot!

Like any double coated breed, Corgis shed.  Daily brushing, feeding a high quality dog food and adding fish oil to their diet will help with the shedding but be aware that it will still happen. Most owners learn to deal with “Corgi Glitter” over time. Expect a major coat molting in the fall and spring.  

5. They are very loyal and protective of their people

You and your family will become your Corgis pack.  They will want to be with you everywhere you go just in case you need their help.  They are very loyal to their owners and will defend the ones they love.  

Tri colored Corgi Puppy

6. They are hot natured

Due to their thick coat, they are very hot natured.  Don’t be surprised if they prefer to sleep on a cool tile or wood floor over an expensive dog bed. Because they are hot natured, most are not cuddly lap dogs.  Most prefer to lay beside you or by your feet not in your lap for long periods of time.  Dressing them up in doggy clothing only makes the situation worse and they may overheat.

7. They are a big dog in a little body

Corgis have “Big Dog Attitude”.  They are sassy and bossy little dogs that will stand up to big dogs.  They can become growlers and be snappy if not worked with as puppies.  It is very important to continue desensitizing, socialization and training with puppies once you take them home from a breeder.  Once again training is the key.  

Tri colored Corgi Puppy with chew
Tri colored Corgi Puppy

8. Like all long bodied dwarf breeds, they are prone to back and hip issues

New research shows that hip and back issues have both a genetic and environmental component.  Genetic and OFA testing is still important but environmental factors such as feeding a high quality dog food, not allowing these dogs to jump from tall heights, weight control and appropriate exercise all play an important role.   So what can owners do to prevent these problems?

  • They need daily exercise to strengthen and tone their muscles.
  • Monitoring their weight and making sure that they are not overweight.  These dogs are very food motivated so care should be taken to make sure that they are not overweight
  • Not allowing them to jump off of beds, couches and other furniture which will apply pressure to their backs. 
  • Choosing puppies from parents who do not have a history of back and hip issues and have undergone genetic testing.
  • Choose a breeder that makes sure that babies are raised on a surface that provides traction thus preventing slipping, feeds a high quality puppy food that is correct for the breed and provides age appropriate exercise for puppies.

9. They are super chewers

Corgis love to chew and will  need lots of quality chews.  While teething and even as adults, Corgis still need something to chew on.  When owners fail to provide their Corgi with appropriate items to chew on, the dog will often find an object such as shoes or furniture to chew on.  Subscription boxes like Barkbox can help by providing new toys and chews.

Tri colored Corgi Puppy with chew
Red and white corgi puppy

10. They are very food oriented

They love their food and will guard it so resource guarding is something that you will need to work on.  Some can be picky eaters but most are always looking for a snack.  You will want to work with your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is fit and not overweight.  Digestive issues can become a problem when they are not fed a high quality food. 

11. They will require training

To create a great housemate you will need to train your puppy.  They are very smart and easy to train. We recommend  training either through traditional puppy and obedience classes or through an online puppy school.  We have partnered with Baxter & Bella to provide a discount to their high quality online puppy.  Click the link below for more info. 

Tri colored Corgi Puppy
Red and White Corgi Puppy

12. They have big personalities

Yes, they can be stubborn, have an attitude and completely ignore you at times but these little dogs have big personalities and can be extremely funny.  They will make you laugh and their smiling faces will lift your spirits.  Corgis can be incredible dogs who will become an important part of your family.  Warning – They are addictive!

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