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The world is filled with unscrupulous people that make buying a puppy scary.  The internet is the perfect playground for puppy scam and the number of incidences are on the rise. Scammers often download pictures from breeders’ websites and post them on sites that sell puppies like  This is one reason that we attempt to put our logo on all photographs of our dogs. Scammers often take your money and you never get the puppy since they never had it.  

I encourage anyone looking for a puppy to look at the Signs of a Puppy Scam list below.  Whether you buy a puppy from us or someone else, be suspicious of these signs. 

Signs of a Puppy Scam

  1. The price seems too good to be true.  Research prices of other puppies.  If the price is extremely low it probably is a scam.
  2. Sellers ask for money to be sent through a prepaid gift card, Wal-mart card, or requests that money is wired through Western Union. 
  3. Photos of the puppy can be found on other websites.  Do a search for the text associated with the photo to see if the seller copied it from somewhere else. 
  4. They only want to communicate with you through email.  They do not list a phone number or will not answer the phone.  Scammers are often located outside the United States and hide their phone numbers by only communicating through email or online. 
  5.  Sometimes they will say that the pet is free and that you only need to pay for shipping.  They may give you a sad story and tell you that it was a child’s pet who is allergic, they have moved to a new residence that does not allow pets or have started a new job and do not have time for the pet.
  6. Once committed, they often bill you for additional expenses like shipping insurance,  additional paperwork, vaccinations, proper crate, etc.   The documentation that they supply to you appears to be legitimate and from the airline.
  7. They may even create a fake website showing stolen pictures of dogs.  If they are selling purebred AKC dogs call AKC to confirm that the breeder is legitimate and the puppy actually exists.  AKC’s phone number is 919-233-9767.

How to protect yourself from a puppy scam

  1. Communicate with the seller in other ways than email.  Give them a call. 
    We welcome calls anytime.  Call Leslie at 806-202-2176
  2. Look at reviews on the seller or breeders’ Facebook or Google accounts.
    Fell free to check us out on Facebook at Harman Corgis
  3. Ask the breeder for references.  Legitimate breeders will be happy to get you in touch with previous buyers, their veterinarian or breed associations such as AKC.
    We will be glad to provide you with contact information for previous buyers or our veterinarian at Hansford County Vet Hospital in Spearman Texas. 
  4. Research them on social media. If they don’t have multiple pictures of dogs or dog type posts listed they probably are not breeders. 
  5. If it is a purebred dog, contact the breed registry like AKC to make sure that they are breeders and have registered puppies within the time frame of the puppy that you are looking at.  
  6. Ask to do a Facebook video chat or facetime to see the puppy in live time.  You could also ask for a picture of the puppy which includes a piece of paper with your name or something unique written on it. 
    We prefer that all of our buyers do a Facebook video chat with us.  That way they can see that the puppy is actually there and get to watch how he interacts with people and other puppies.  
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