We raise healthy Corgi puppies

Genetically tested parents

  • The first step to producing healthy Corgi puppies is to genetically test all adults and use this data to plan matings. 
  • All of our adult dogs are genetically tested through Embark’s breeder testing which tests for over 200 canine genetic disorders.
  • All matings are planned using genetic results to ensure that no puppies are born that are at risk of developing genetic diseases that affect the Pembroke Welsh Corgi including DM, EIC and vWD1.  
Head of a red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Genetic diseases in Corgis

Bluie Corgi Female

A strong vaccination & parasite program

  • We know that healthy parents produce healthy babies therefore we follow a strong vaccination and parasite control program for both our adults and babies.
  • We also adhere to a strict biosecurity protocol to keep our dogs healthy which includes routine cleaning and disinfecting of dog areas and not allowing visitors who might accidentally carry a disease on their clothing or shoes.

Our vaccination protocol

All puppies are vet checked

  • When our puppies are 6-7 weeks old, they are thoroughly checked by our veterinarian to ensure that they are healthy, have a correct bite and no heart, eye, hernia, knee or elbow issues.   
  • We do not allow anyone to select a puppy before they are vet checked.  
Vet checking puppies

We feed a high quality dog food

  • Just like humans, dogs are what they eat.  Research shows that dogs fed a high quality food are less prone to health and joint issues as well as hip dysplasia. 
  • We feed Purina Pro Plan to our adults and Purina Pro Plan Puppy food to our babies. 
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Good Dog
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