Our vaccination & deworming protocol

Our vaccination protocol for puppies

We have worked closely with our veterinarian to develop a vaccination and deworming protocol for our adult dogs and puppies. 

Our dams receive an approved parasite treatment to prevent the transmission of internal parasites to puppies near the end of their pregnancy therefore we start deworming when puppies are 4 weeks old.

4 weeks of age

  • neopar vaccination
  • pyrantal deworming treatment

6 weeks of age

  • DAPPV vaccination given by our veterinarian
  • Safeguard deworming treatment for 3-5 days

8 weeks of age

  • Safeguard deworming treatment for 5 days

Your puppy will NOT be full vaccinated when you get it therefore it will NOT be fully protected against the deadly diseases of Parvo and Distemper.  

Your puppy must receive a series of vaccinations or boosters before they are fully vaccinated.    

What to expect from your veterinarian

We require that you take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of picking them up.  During this first vet appointment, your vet will more than likely perform a wellness check and give your puppy it’s second shot against parvo and distemper.  

Below is a standard vaccination schedule for puppies

9 weeks of age

    • DAPPV vaccination booster

12 weeks of age

    • DAPPV or DAPPV with lepto vaccination 

15 weeks of age

    • DAPPV or DAPPV with lepto vaccination
    • Rabies vaccination

What you need to know

Just like people, some puppies may have a slight reaction to a vaccination.  Symptoms might include a swollen area that is warm and sore.  

On the third vaccination, some vets, including mine, give pups a vaccination that includes Lepto. Sometimes this vaccination can make your pup’s neck very sore.  They may not feel good and be grouchy too.  

It is best to let them rest and limit play after a vet visit.  Do not let children play with puppies after they are vaccinated to prevent being bitten.

Parvo and Distemper are deadly diseases that are transmitted from dog to dog or in fecal material.   

Unquestionably you should NOT take your puppy anywhere that they could come in contact with an unvaccinated dog or fecal material from an unvaccinated dog like parks, dog parks, grassy areas around stores, etc… where an unvaccinated dog may have been.   

It is critical that you do not allow your puppy to be around other dogs unless they have been fully vaccinated too.

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