Steps to getting your next best friend

As responsible breeders, we try to make sure that each and every one of our puppies are placed in the right home for both the dog and the new owner.  When you add a puppy to your family you are making a 10 to 15 year commitment.  The perfect home for a Harman Corgi is one where the dog will be an integral part of your family meaning that the dog will go with you as much as possible, join in activities that you like, live in your home and be fed and exercised properly.  The perfect family will make sure that vaccinations are up to date, seek veterinary help when needed, continue the training that we have started and add enriching and stimulating activities to their dog’s life.  We know that successful matches are made by taking the time to match the right dog with the right family. 

Step 1: Is a Harman Corgi right for you?

Research the breed to make sure that a Corgi is a fit for your lifestyle.  They are cute adorable dogs but they don’t fit everyone’s lifestyle.  Pembroke Welsh Corgis are wonderful dogs but they are not for everyone.  Like every breed, they have both good and bad points to consider.  

  • Medium size dogs – most of our dogs are 28 – 32 lbs.
  • Loving & loyal companions. Our dogs love to go with us anywhere and are very loyal
  • Some are barkers - they are very aware of their surroundings and will let you know when something is out of place.
  • Have a double coat that they completely shed twice a year. They will shed daily and need to be fed a high-quality food and be brushed regularly to help with shedding. Expect them to shed.
  • They are herders - Corgis were bred to herd livestock for hundreds of years. Many still possess herding instincts and may try to herd other animals or small children. Part of herding includes nipping at heels.
  • This breed of dog requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation. When these needs are not met they often become destructive.

Step 2: Getting to know you & what you're looking for

We would like to learn more about you and what you are looking for in a Corgi.  By filling out our Getting To Know You Form, we learn a bit more about you and your family, if you have other pets, and specifically what traits and characteristics that you are looking for in a Corgi. There are no right or wrong answers we simply do this to learn a little bit about you and what your looking for.  This helps us determine the characteristics of puppies that will best fit your family. For example, we don’t want to place a very energetic dog with someone that is looking for a calmer dog.  The key to making the relationship work is placing the right dog with the right family.

We will review your information and contact you if we have additional questions.  Please familiarize yourself with our process of selecting a puppy (outlined below) and wait for us to email you back.

Step 3: Puppy Selection

Some people look for a puppy that is a specific color or out of a certain dam or sire within a precise time frame.  Others are ready to adopt now and some need more time.  Whatever your circumstance, we will help you find your next best friend.  Learn more about getting a puppy below.

Corgi Puppies at Harman Corgis

Waiting List

People on our waiting list will get the first choice of available puppies or puppies in upcoming litters.  

Available Puppies Now

These are puppies that we currently have available for adoption.  To learn more about these puppies click on the button below.  

Update List

If you are not ready to get on our waiting list but would like to stay informed about upcoming litters and new puppies join our update list.  

Step 4: Place a Deposit

Manding Corgi Puppy

If one of our available puppies is the right match for you, we will require a deposit to hold him or her for you. Once your adoption application has been reviewed and accepted, we will email you an invoice for the deposit ($200) with details on how to make it. Once we receive your deposit, the puppy will be reserved for you and taken off the market.  Your deposit will be applied toward the price of the puppy. 

If you are on our waiting list, you have already completed this step.

We accept  Venmo, Paypal, Credit or Debit Cards, Zelle or a Personal Check for deposits. 

Note that if you use Paypal, please choose the “sending money to family and friends option” to avoid the 3.5% fee that they charge. If you would rather me invoice you through Paypal the 3.5% fee will be added to the deposit making the total $206.50. 

If you choose to use a credit card or debit card, merchant fees totaling 4% will be added bringing the total to $208.00.

Step 5: Making Plans

Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes when they are approximately 9 weeks old. Once you have selected your puppy we will start planning pickup or delivery options, complete necessary paperwork and get you ready for a new puppy. 

You will be given access to the My Puppy section of our website where you can download pictures of your puppy and view updated pictures and videos.  We will update pictures when puppies are 7 weeks old so you can watch their growth. ***When possible we update pictures weekly and add videos however our busy schedules do not always allow this.  

Corgi Puppy

Paperwork & Final Payment

We will start completing the paperwork once you have chosen your puppy.  This will include

  • Registration Application – Will be in the blue folder in your Puppy Care Package.
  • Microchip Registration – We will help you complete this prior to the puppy leaving.  (a one-time fee of $17.50) 
  • Contract & Health Guarantee – A signed copy must be returned to us prior to the puppy leaving. This can be accomplished electronically.

The balance must be paid in FULL before your puppy can leave our care. We will email you a receipt showing that the balance is paid in full if you are not picking up your puppy in person.  We prefer for final payments to be made in cash if picking up the puppy in person or Zelle or another approved method if the puppy is being shipped.  Please remember that we are charged a 4% merchant fee when using a credit or debit card.  

Pick up & Delivery

We offer multiple pick up and delivery choices and are open to working out delivery options.  It is best to contact Leslie when looking at delivery and pick up options.  Buyers are responsible for all transport costs. Our normal options include

  • Pick up directly from us
  • Meeting along your travel route. We are willing to meet in a location within an hour’s drive from us or in Amarillo. If we meet in a location further away we may charge a small delivery fee to help cover the cost of fuel.
  • Ground Transportation – we primarily use a pet transportation individual based out of Fort Worth Texas. He has speedily transported puppies across Texas and the nation for us at very reasonable prices.  If you are in Texas this may be your best and most cost-effective option – we have been able to deliver dogs all over the state for $200 or less.  If you are interested in this option contact us and we will get a quote.
  • Flight options – we do not ship puppies in the cargo area of planes. We do however offer the following options to fly puppies.  Note that both options require a health certificate which will be an additional fee. 
    • Meet you at the airport – we will meet you at Amarillo’s Rick Husband airport where you can pick up your puppy and fly home with them in the cabin of the airplane. You are responsible for making flight arrangements and paying extra fees to travel with your puppy as well as bringing an airline approved pet travel bag which will fit under the seat of the plane.  If you would rather fly into Oklahoma City we can also meet you there for an additional fee.  Please check with us before booking flights to make sure that we will be able to meet you on a specific day and time. Remember that we are 2 hours away from Amarillo and 3 hours and 45 minutes away from Oklahoma City so we must make plans in advance.
    • Flight Nanny service – We can fly your puppy to an airport near you where you can pick up your puppy.  Your puppy will fly in the cabin of the airplane with us.  The cost will include the cost of the ticket plus any extra costs involved in the trip.  Flight nanny fees must be paid prior to departing.

Corgi Puppy at Harman Corgis
Corgi Puppy at Harman Corgis
Corgi Puppy at Harman Corgis
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