Coat Colors and Color Changes in Corgis

Recognized Colors in Pembroke Welsh Corgis

There are 5 recognized coat colors in Pembroke Welsh Corgis being red, sable, fawn, black and tan or Tris. They may or may not have white markings.  Tris may be black headed or red headed.  Fluffies (Long hair), mismarks (too much white) and bluies (Diluted coat color with a smokey appearance – NOT Merles) are considered faults and these dogs can not be shown. Merles and brindles are coat colors found in Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Coat Color Changes in Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The coat color in a Corgi puppy will dramatically change in color from the time that it is a puppy until it is an adult. Sometimes it is very hard to determine what color the dog will be as an adult but an experienced breeder will have a good idea about what color they will end up.  Below we show you some pictures of coat color change in our own dogs.

Barkley - Red headed Tri

Note how the red came in on his head and body to give the saddle back look as an adult

RHT Corgi Puppy
Corgi Puppy

Lilac - Red headed Tri

Note that she started out with more red as a baby and has more red as an adult

Red Headed Tri Corgi Pup
Red headed tri

Benson - Sable

Note that he started out with a lot of dark hair and no widows peak but the hair on the edge of his ears was dark. 
Note the masking or widows peak in the last image.

Sable Corgi Pup
Sable Corgi Pup
Sable Pembroke
Benson at Harman Corgis Sable Male Pembroke Welsh Corgi

ROSCOE - Tri Bluie or Tri dilute

Roscoe at Big Grove’s Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  Follow him on facebook

Mia - Red Bluie or red dilute

Red bluie as baby
Red Bluie pup
Mia Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female Harman Corgis

Izzy - Sable Bluie or Sable dilute

Sable Bluie baby
Izzy Pembroke Welsh Corgi Female Harman Farms
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