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We are located in the north-eastern Texas panhandle near the town of Perryton Texas. 

Most puppies are sold as pets. The price of our Corgi puppies depends upon registration, breed registry, parents and color. Click HERE to get more information on pricing.

Limited Registration is intended for dogs that will be pets only and NOT bred.  With a limited registration, you can not register offspring and they can not be shown in AKC breed-specific or sanctioned shows.  You will be required to sign a spay/neuter contract and show documentation that the puppy has been spayed or neutered.

Full Registration is intended for dogs that will be bred or shown in AKC breed-specific or sanctioned shows. 

Most of our puppies are sold as pets.  Contracts on puppies sold with limited registration will include a spay or neuter clause.  You must provide proof that the puppy was spayed or neutered by 9 months of age to Leslie. Full registration is available in most cases.  Contact us for details.

Yes.  Besides picking up directly from us, we offer several shipping options.  Buyers are responsible for all transportation costs.  We will be happy to quote transportation costs for you.

Ground Transportation – we primarily use a pet transportation service based out of Fort Worth Texas.  He has speedily transported puppies across Texas and the nation for us at very reasonable prices.  If you are in Texas this may be your best and most cost-effective option.  

Flight Options – We do not fly puppies in the cargo area of a plane. We are willing to…

Meet at the Airport – we will be happy to meet you at an airport near us (Amarillo, Texas or Oklahoma City for an additional fee)  where you can pick up your puppy and fly home with them in the cabin of the airplane. 

 Flight Nanny Service – We can make arrangements with a fight nanny to fly your puppy to an airport near you.  Your puppy will fly in the cabin of the airplane.  

We have a strong vaccination, deworming and parasite control program in place.  We also follow good biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of Parvo by limiting our dogs to exposure to infected animals.  Our veterinarian comes to the farm and performs routine health checks and vaccinations instead of us transmitting our dogs to a possibly infected area.  We do not allow visitors which prevents accidental exposure.  We practice good biosecurity techniques including frequent hand washing and wearing specific shoes at the farm which have not left the premises.  Once again this helps prevent accidental exposure and keeps our puppies healthy.  

Tri Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy
Corgi Puppy

Yes. You are welcome to pick up your puppy in person.  We will meet you at an agreed-upon location to pick up your puppy.  Due to the fact that Parvo can easily be transmitted unknowingly on clothing and shoes, we do not allow visitors.  This policy helps to ensure that your puppy will be as healthy as possible.

Absolutely.  Contact us and we will be glad to put you in contact with previous buyers. 
You can also call AKC at 919-233-9767 and check us out. Registrations are listed under Leslie Harman.
You can also call our veterinarian’s office, Hansford Vet Clinic at 806-659-2100.  Our account is under Leslie Harman.

With popular breeds like Corgis, there are always people trying to make a buck and the incidence of puppy scams are on the rise.  We suggest that you read the following information about Puppy Scams and always check out breeders.  Click HERE to learn more about signs of a Puppy Scam.

Click HERE to visit our “Steps to Getting a Harman Corgi” page where we step you through the process.

Yes.  We have had people do this before. You can make payments in any amount at any time that you like to build up credit towards the purchase price of a future puppy. An updated credit receipt will be emailed to you each time a payment is made. If you end up not picking a puppy your payments are 100% refundable minus your deposit. 

Dogs require a commitment on the part of their owners both time wise and financially.  We want our dogs to go to new owners who are committed to their pets.  We find that people who are committed to getting a puppy from us are willing to wait for the right puppy and have no problem putting down a waiting list deposit.  This helps “weed” out people who are on multiple breeders waiting lists and are looking for the first puppy that comes along.  Knowing what people on the waiting list are looking for also helps us make future breeding decisions.

Due to the high incidence of scammers trying to sell puppies we will be taking all payments through a secure credit processing service.  Beginning May 1, 2021, we will be invoicing our customers for all deposits and final payments unless you are picking up your puppy in person.  Once you receive your invoice you will pay online using a credit card or debit card. If you are meeting us to pick up your puppy in person you may pay in cash.  

Yes.  We must receive full payment on your puppy before it can leave.  Full payment is normally due at least one week prior to the puppy shipping.  This gives your payment time to clear our banking system before the puppy leaves out care.

Yes.  All of our dogs are tested for genetic inherited diseases in Pembroke Welsh Corgis and over 200 other genetic diseases through Embark breeder testing. These include DM, vWD1, EIC, PRA, RCD3, X-SCIS and MDR.  Matings are planned based upon these results to ensure that puppies do not develop these diseases. OFA testing for hips and elbows are also performed when dogs are of appropriate ages.

Yes.  Contracts are required to protect both the buyer and the seller. Terms in each contract may vary.  See sample contracts below.

Click HERE to view a sample pet (limited registration) contract

Click HERE to view a sample breeding (full registration) contract.

Yes.  Corgi coat colors often change from puppyhood to adulthood.  To be honest, sometimes it is very hard to tell what color a puppy will end up as an adult.  Experienced breeders will have a good idea about what color a puppy will develop into.  Click HERE to see examples of coat color changes from puppyhood to adulthood. 

We do not.  Puppies are either born with a natural bob tail or tails docked to the breed standard.  We do not allow anyone to pick their puppy before puppies are vet checked therefore leaving a tail intact is not possible. 

We allow puppies to leave when they are 9 weeks old.  Puppies often experience a “second fear period” when they are around 8 weeks old and we want to ensure that they are past this phase before they leave our care.

Yes, puppies are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and have been dewormed on a regular schedule.  Click HERE to learn more about our vaccination and deworming program.

Yes. All puppies are microchipped through AKC Reunite. We pay for the chip and implantation and will help you enroll your puppy with AKC Reunite before he or she leaves.  This ensures that you will be contacted if the puppy ever becomes lost. AKC Reunite will charge you a one-time fee of $20 to enroll your puppy.

Our puppies are fed Purina ProPlan Puppy (under 1 year) – Chicken and Rice recipe. 

Puppy Culture is a program for breeders and owners to follow during the first 12 weeks of a puppy’s life. The experiences that a puppy has during its first 12 weeks of life will shape its’ future and often determine how dogs act as adults.  Breeders have the ability to change the outcome of the puppy’s life during this time by doing the right things at the right time.  

Starting quickly after birth on day 3, each puppy is individually handled and worked with daily until they leave to go to their new homes.  Yes, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of extra work but it is critical in creating a puppy that will make a well-adjusted pet that will be able to function with its owners in human society.  We know that the end result is worth the extra effort.

Research has shown that dogs raised with the Puppy Culture protocol are smarter and are able to handle stressful situations better.

Yes, it DOES require a great deal of time and a commitment on our part but the rewards are unbelievable. By using this program we give your puppy the best start possible. Click HERE to learn more about the Puppy Culture protocol.

Your puppy will not be fully housebroken but will be well on its way.  Our puppies are trained to use a litter box, pee pads or grass. 

I can not guarantee that your puppy will be fully crate trained but it will be accustom to sleeping and spending time in a crate. We work with each puppy so they feel comfortable spending time alone in a crate and see the crate as a safe place.  

Yes.  Our puppies are started with leash training and will be accustom to “manding” or sitting to ask for something instead of jumping.

Clicker or marker training is used in positive reinforcement training.  It signals your dog at the exact moment that he does what you want.  All of our puppies are started on clicker and marker training and you should be easily able to continue.  Learn more about clicker training HERE.

Yes, unless you are purchasing a puppy with full registration.  There will be a spay or neuter clause in your contract stating that you must provide proof from your veterinarian that the puppy was spayed or neutered before 9 months of age.

Contact us immediately!  We will help you find a home or take the puppy back. Under NO circumstances should the puppy be given up to a shelter or rescue organization.

Yes, from time to time we do offer adults for sale.  Contact us if you are interested in this option.

We do not allow visitors due to the fact that someone could unknowingly transmit diseases such as Parvo to our puppies.  We are happy to set up a video conference with you so that you can see our females and males. 

Bluie Corgi Puppy

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