Preparing for your puppy to come home

Preparing for your puppy ahead of time will help the transition go smoothly. We suggest that you read the all of the following topics to help you prepare for your puppy and get off to a great start. 

What your Harman Corgi will come home with

We send all of our puppies home with a care package. to help you get started.  I have included links to additional products in the Recommended Products section.  Included is –

Food Sample

  • We feed our puppies and adult dogs Purina Pro Plan Puppy chicken and rice food for under 1 year of age.  We will send you enough food to feed you little one fed for a day or two.  This food is easy to find and can be ordered from Amazon, Petco or Chewy.  When you sign up for autoship you will receive a 5-10% discount.

Forti Flora

  • I will send a couple packets of Forti Flora.  It is a probiotic that can help your puppy’s digestive track stay in tune during stressful situations such as going to a new home.  We suggest that you purchase more and keep your puppy on this supplement for the first week to 10 days. 

Training Clicker

  • We will include a clicker in your care package so that you can continue with the training that we have started.  


  • We are sure that you will have fun finding toys for your puppy but we will include a couple of toys that they enjoy playing with here.  Toys may vary from litter to litter.  We will send toys that smell like their mother and littermates. 

Collar and Leash

  • Your puppy will come with a small collar and leash.  They will quickly outgrow this baby collar so check its tightness often.

A blanket that smells like mom and siblings

  • What’s special about a blanket that smells like mom and siblings?  Dogs have very sensitive noses and your house will smell different.  This blanket smells like home and can help comfort your puppy when they are whiny and adjusting to their new home. 

Teething aids

  • Your puppy will be teething and will need something to chew on.  We will include teething aids such as a cow hoof and pig ear.  It is important for puppies to have toys and chewing aids to chew on at all times.  It is important for your puppy to know what they can and can not chew on. If you train your puppy to chew on “their” toys you can prevent chewing on things that are not theirs like clothes, shoes and furniture. 


  • Registration application
  • Microchip information
  • Vaccination record

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