Recommended Products for Corgis

Below you will find our recommended products for Corgis.  Over the years we have tried a number of different products.  These are items that we use here with our Corgis or have been recommended to us by past buyers.  

Preparing for your puppy ahead of time will help the transition go smoothly. These is a lot to do before getting a puppy and making sure that you have necessary supplies on hand will make the process go smoothly.  To help you with this process, we have tried to assemble almost everything that you might need in the list below. 


Food & Supplements

Puppy food

Our puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice under one year.  There are two versions of this food. One is just kibble and the other has shreds or pieces of dried chicken. I have fed both but I prefer to start puppies out on the kibble only variety and switch to the version with shreds once they are a bit older.   

Once again the puppy food comes in several flavors and a variety of sizes.  We are believers in rotating food flavors in our puppies. This gives them variety and some research shows that rotating protein sources may reduce the risk of allergies and food intolerances that might become a problem in adulthood.  We simply suggest rotating flavors (protein sources) through puppy hood.  

If you are adamant about changing brands, we recommend that you wait until they have had time to adjust to their new home then gradually make the change.   

All of our puppies go home eating Pro Plan chicken & rice under 1 year. 

Try the lamb formula to change things up and give your puppy a different flavor.

Our older puppies enjoy this chicken and rice with shreds (pieces of meat).

All of our puppies go home eating Pro Plan chicken & rice under 1 year. 

Try the lamb formula to change things up and give your puppy a different flavor.

Our older puppies enjoy this chicken and rice with shreds (pieces of meat).

Supplements for puppies & adults

Our puppies are given half of a NuVet Plus vitamin each day while under our care.  Research shows that these vitamins may strengthen a puppy’s immune system which will be important during the most stressful time of their lives, when going to their new home.  I find that my dogs and puppies actually like the taste of these vitamins too.  This company has been around since 1997 and offers a money back guarantee so check them out through the link below.

I also recommend having the probiotic Fortiflora on hand in case your puppy has diarrhea or goes off food. The transition of going to a new home is very stressful on puppies therefore I suggest feeding it for the first week.

Double coated breeds like Corgis shed.  Feeding a high-quality food and supplementing with fish oil can help.  I feed one pump of Grizzly or Terramax Pro fish oil daily to all of my dogs.  It makes their coats very shiny and helps with shedding.  Just like in humans it helps prevent heart disease and arthritis along with multiple other benefits.  I start adding  fish oil once our pups are around 6 months old. 

We highly recommend having Fortiflora on hand and feeding it regularly.

Leslie Favorite

Adding fish oil to your dogs food daily can help with shedding. 

I normally start this when puppies are around 6 months old.

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NuVet Plus dog vitamins

Our puppies and dogs receive NuVet vitamins to strengthen their immune system and ensure they get all needed nutrients.

Our puppies leave us taking 1/2 of a vitamin daily.

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Adult food

Research continues to show us that “you are what you eat” and dogs are no exception. We now know that environmental factors such as food plays a major factor in many diseases that dogs develop including cancers and hip dysplasia.  Not all dog foods are created equal, in fact there most dog food companies do not perform research trials on the dog food that they produce.  Feeding a high quality dog food has been shown to extend the life of pets and reduce some diseases including those that dogs are genetically predisposed to.  

We feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan, Purina’s top dog food.  This company is committed to nutrition with a team of scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians on staff. They have created and tested over 140 formulas targeted for every life stage of dogs and this food is recommended by many veterinarians.  


We recommend Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials Adult food for your grown Corgi.   This food contains kibble along with shreds of real meat that our dogs love.  There are multiple flavors including chicken, beef, lamb, salmon and turkey that dogs love.  It also comes in a variety of sizes from 5 to 47 lbs. which allows you to try different flavors and switch between flavors for variety too. 

Other high quality food

Another good dog food for Corgis is Hills Science Diet. In the past I have fed both the adult version and the puppy version

The only food that I would stress that you do not feed is Blue Buffalo.  I known of several instances where dogs on this food developed pancreatitis and died.  Please talk to your veterinarian and do some research before you switch.



  • We often get asked about our dogs’ favorite toys.  Our dogs like toys that crinkle, have realistic fur and make a sound. 
  • As babies, we have a variety of toys with different textures and sounds.  We trade out toys every day so they have a different toys to play with each day.
  • We try to stay away from highly stuffed toys because dogs can tear them open and eat the stuffing which may cause an impaction that could require surgery.
  • Please supervise your dog if they are playing with a stuffed toy to ensure that they do not tear it open and eat the stuffing.
  • Keeping your dog’s mind active can also reduce boredom.  Interactive toys like Hide a Squirrel and Bob a Lot treat dispenser keep dogs occupied and can significantly reduce boredom.  
  • I prefer to buy toys online and not in stores where other dogs may have mouthed a toy.  I cringe at the thought of a dog picking up an illness from a slimmed toy in a store. 
  • Bark Box can be another great option for your pup. I am a HUGE BarkBox fan!
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Why I like Bark Box

  1. Your pup will get a themed box every month which contains toys and treats. 
  2. When there is something in the box that your pup does not like (treats or toys) they will replace the item. 
  3. My dogs love when the box arrives and what is inside. 
  4. They toys are pretty durable.  They encourage play with crinkle and squeaky sounds and different textures. They love getting a new treat too that we can train with. 
  5. Just like kids, you will find that pups will get bored with their toys and will become super excited with a new toy or chew.

    For special discounts click on the offer below.

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Favorite toys

These are extreme flatties that last a long time.  They are a favorite here.

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These flatties are lightweight, have 2 squeakers and comes in a 3 pack. 

These faltties have multiple textures and come in multiple cute designs.

These flatties have both a squeaker and crinkle tentacles for extra fun.

The large size holds an empty water bottle for crackle fun.  Make sure to remove the lid of the bottle and replace when needed. 

This flattie has crinkle in the head & tail and a jigglerz sound maker in the body. There are also multiple designs. 

This flattie contains crinkle material which our pups love along with a squeeker.

Interactive & active play toys

Fill with kibble and it will keep your pup entertained.  This is the best treat dispensing toy that I have found. 

Leslie Favorite

With this interactive toy, dogs have to figure out how to get the squirrels out of the trunk.  

This ball giggles and makes enticing giggle sounds as it wobbles back and forth.

This ball has tabs that your dog can use to carry it.  It also has a bell inside to add noise.  Our dogs that like to play fetch love these.

Food puzzles make your dog think in order to get hidden treats.   Choose from 4 levels of difficulty.

Stuff the Kong with treats, kibble or tasty treats like peanut butter.  It can keep your pup occupied. The medium size works well for Corgis. 

Fun for dogs that love to fetch.  Train your dog to drop the ball in the top and it launches it over and over.  It also has an adjustable distance setting.

Teething Aids

Corgis are chewers and puppies need to have “chewy” items to help with teething.  Make sure to supervise your pup while chewing. 

Leslie Favorite

A classic long lasting chew item for puppies to soothe gums.  This is a long lasting chew for dogs who like them.

A great natural tasty chew item.  These work well with younger puppies who are light chewers. 

Leslie favorite for puppies

Long lasting chew for super chewers and adults. 

A natural tasty chew item for puppies and dogs.  These work well with older puppies or dogs who are more aggressive chewers. 

A classic long lasting chew item for puppies to soothe gums. 

At home

  • Crates come in either a plastic form or a wire form and both have advantages. 

    Plastic crates may be sturdier if you plan on containing your dog in a crate.  When purchasing a plastic crate, I look for ones that are sturdy, bolt together and are around 28-30 inches long like a Petmate crate. The downside of a plastic crate is that some dogs will chew on them. 

    Wire crates may have a divider that you can adjust so you can buy one crate that your puppy will grow into.  If you choose a wire crate, I would look at buying one with heavy wires that have a divider so you can make it larger as your puppy grows. I like the Midwest wire crates.  You probably need one that is around 30 inches long.  They come with either one door or two doors. 

    You may want to use a towel in the bottom of the crate while your puppy is young and change to a crate pad as they get older.  Our puppies are used to sleeping on a crate pad in a wire crate with the doors open. Make sure to buy a pad that fits your crate and is machine washable. 

  • Beds – I have reports from many people who say their Corgi loves a donut bed.  Corgis are chewers so if you use a stuffed bed make sure that they do NOT chew a hole in the bed where they can pull out the stuffing.  Eating stuffing can lead to emergency surgery!

    My dogs sleep on raised beds.  The Kuranda beds are expensive but they last.  The fabric is not exposed on the edges therefore dogs can not chew on it.  We use the Kuranda bed with metal-covered corners for extra chew protection and 40 oz solid vinyl sleeping top.  Our smaller dogs sleep on the Small (30 x 20) size while our larger dogs sleep on the medium (35 x 23) size.  They last for years and you can replace the tops if needed. 

Crates, Mats & Beds

The 30 inch crate gives adults plenty of room and comes with a divider that can be used with puppies and moved as they grow so you only buy one crate.

The door on this crate folds up over the top instead of swinging open. 

A sturdy crate that bolts together.  These are often used as travel crates.  

The 18 inch bed will work when you use the divider in a wire crate.  Bored puppies may chew this bed which has stuffing so you may choose to use a towel or blanket.

These waterproof covers will protect your bed, sofa or other areas. 

To prevent back issues, Corgis need stairs to access beds and couches. These stairs are nice, wide and stable.  

All of our dogs have a Kuranda bed.  Corgis are hot natured because they are double coated and will not normally sleep in a padded bed but will sleep on a cool tile, concrete or wood floor. Because these beds are elevated they are cool.  I have both the PVC and Aluminum frames with the heavy duty vinyl.  I have both the 30×20 and 35×23 sizes.  The smaller size fits most Corgis but I do have some larger dogs that love to stretch out and they need the larger size. 

These beds are more expensive but they last forever.  I have never had one destroyed, they are easy to clean and can also go outside.  If you do have a corner or leg that gets chewed up they also sell replacement parts which I love.  There are many imitation beds on the market but none match these beds.

Leslie Favorite

Pens & Gates

This pen folds up and can be staked to the ground outside.  The 24 inch  height works for most Corgis. 

Sturdy penning that completely breaks down and can be set up in multiple shapes. These are also great for camping trips.  If you plan on using a pen after puppyhood these framed panel pens are great.

Leslie Favorite

These gates are a great way to keep puppies out of areas within your house. 

Food & Water Bowls plus more

  • I prefer stainless steel bowls because they are so easy to clean in a dishwasher and do not break.  These bowls come with or without non-skid bottoms. I recommend a medium-sized bowl that holds approximately 2 quarts.
  • If your puppy inhales his or her food without taking the time to chew you might consider a Slow Feeder bowl.  Lick mats are great tools to help keep a puppy occupied while getting a bath or just keeping them occupied.  

This stainless steel 2 quart bowl is a good size for a Corgi.

These bowls can not be easily flipped or tipped over.

Leslie Favorite

The partitions in the bowl help slow down dogs who inhale their food. 

Smear with peanut butter, cream cheese, yogurt or bananas to distract your dog during baths or keep them busy. 

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Potty box, washable potty pads & hanging bell

  • Your puppy will be litter box trained and will be used to going to the bathroom outdoors.  I use a 24 x 24 inch rabbit tray to hold litter.  For litter, I purchase pelletized alfalfa pellets (shown below) or hardwood pellets.  Pine pellets used in horse stalls may cause allergic reactions in some dogs.  I am able to purchase all of these items at Tractor Supply.  I realize that you may not have this store in your area so I have listed an alternative tray and some pelletized paper products that can also work.  In my experience, I find that the paper pellets become sticky when they get wet.

    View the video below of my suggested pen set up.  

  • I prefer washable pee pads.  Puppies often think that the disposable pee pads are toys and shred them. 
  • I also suggest Bell Training your puppy to alert you when they need to go out to the bathroom.  You can purchase a bell that hangs from a doorknob or simply attach a piece of string to a bell and hang from a doorknob. A Bell Training Guide will be included in the Buyers Resources section. 

This is what we use with our puppies.  Harman Corgis will leave with a sample.

I purchase mine at Tractor Supply.

A sturdy litter box to hold pellets. 

Paper pellets made just for dogs. 

The key to cleaning up an accident is using an enzymatic cleaner to completely remove all smells. 

Washable hospital pads do not get ripped or destroyed by puppies like disposable pads. 

Leslie Favorite

Paper pellets made for cats that will also work for dogs. 

Train your dog to ring these bells when they need to go out.  

Collars, Leashes, ID Tags & Harnesses

  • When it comes to collars, even though your puppy is microchipped it will need a collar with ID tags.  ID tags that dangle often get hung on things and can get pulled off.  For that reason, I like the slide on collar ID tags or collars that are personalized with your information.  For standard collars, I like the Lupine, Blueberry or RC Pet brand collars.  They are sturdy yet lightweight, washable, come in many colors and designs and can be adjusted 8-10 inches.  My adult female dogs wear 3/4 inch Lupine collars that are 12-22 inches long.  Lupine collars are guaranteed even if they are chewed. My adult males wear 1-inch wide Lupine collars that are 16-28 inches long.  In the RC Pet collars, my dogs wear a 1 inch wide collar.

  • Since Corgis’ heads are the same size or smaller than their neck and body it is super easy for them to pull out of a collar.   If you plan on walking your dog I would suggest a harness.  It may be best to try a harness on in the store and check for size. Your puppy will come with a standard 6-foot leash but you may also wish to buy a retractable leash.  Puppies will be used to a harness like a voyager step in dog harness shown below.  They will probably need an XXS to XS (Cat size harness) when you first get your puppy (contact Leslie for the current size they are wearing) but they will outgrow them fast therefore I would not spend a lot of money on the first harness that you purchase.

  • If you are using the training videos provided in the Buyers Resource section, you will see a “Long Line” used.  There are many available for under $10.

  • If you plan on taking your Corgi swimming, make sure to get a doggie life vest.

This harness is easy to use on small puppies.  Most Corgi puppies will wear a XS at 9 weeks of age.

Leslie Favorite

These long leashes are often used in training, recall exercises or to keep track of your puppy.

We like personalized collars because tags can get caught on objects and be pulled off of collars. 

Another personalized collar option including your phone number. 

Flat tags attach directly to the collar so they are harder to lose and are quiet.

Customer suggested harness for Corgis. 


  • I do not recommend washing your dog more than once a month unless they get into something nasty and smelly. Washing too often can dry out their skin.
  • When washing an aide such as the Zoom Groom can help loosen hair.
  • I always get asked what shampoo that we use on our puppies.  We use Isle of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo.  They also offer options for adult dogs.  We like the FURminator deShedding shampoo and conditioner for adults. 
  • I also like the Cowboy Magic products.  To make brushing go easier, rub a dime size amount of Cowboy Magic detangler between your hands then rub through your dogs hair after bathing.   


This brush helps remove dead hair while bathing.

This is a nice thick shampoo so you use less than other brands.  It also has a light fragrance.

Smear with peanut butter, cream cheese, yogurt or bananas to distract your dog during baths.  This item has suction cups to stick on your sink or tub.

We like this shampoo to help with shedding in our adult Corgis.

This is a nice thick shampoo so you do not use as much as some other brands.

We use this conditioner to help loosen and remove dead hair.

You use only a small amount of this product on wet hair. 


  • For puppies, I recommend that Hartz Groomers Best Small Combo Brush and The Groomers Best Small Slicker Brush.  Your puppies have been brushed with both types of brushes here.

  •  For adult dogs, I recommend daily brushing with a pin brush, rake or slicker. The hair coat can vary depending upon genetics, type of food fed and environment and sometimes one brush will work better on one dog than another.   

  • After washing I recommend a greyhound comb or shedding comb with coarse and fine teeth to help remove dead hair.   

  • Corgis tend to go through major shedding periods when the seasons change.  They will need lots of combing during this time when they lose their undercoat.  Feeding a high-quality food and supplementing with salmon oil can help.  When using a shedding comb, greyhound comb or undercoat rake, it often helps to mist your dog with water and get the fur damp before combing.  

This is a good brush combo for small puppies while their fur is still short and not as thick.

This is a good rake comb to use on adults or young adults. 

The old standby for daily combing.  Two teeth spacings give you several options for removing dead hair and tangles.

On certain coats this comb can remove almost all loose hair in one pass.  

Nail Trimming

  • It is important to trim your dogs nails.  We trim puppies nails with human fingernail clippers.
  • Adult dogs need their nails trimmed too.  When dogs have long nails, pressure is exerted on the nail bed causing it to be painful when the dog walks much like wearing shoes that are too short.  This can eventually cause the rotation of joints in the foot and make walking very painful for your dog.  

We use human nail clippers when puppies are small then graduate to regular nail clippers or a nail grinder.

These clippers are sharp for a clean smooth cut and easy to use.  They also have a safety stop.  

More than likely you will not ever cut your dog’s nails too short but if you do and one bleeds this will stop the bleeding. 

Some people prefer to use a grinder instead of nail clippers.  This is a good basic set.

On the Go

  • Most of these products have been recommended by past customers.  
  • The Adaptil product is one that we use here with new moms who are nervous or worrisome and it seems to really calm down some dogs.  I know many people who use the collar or spray when traveling with their dogs. 

We use human nail clippers when puppies are small then graduate to regular nail clippers or a nail grinder.

Highly reviewed for puppies and small dogs with a reasonable price. 

This one has excellent reviews and holds dogs up to 25 lbs.  If you are a hiker or plan to use a backpack for an extended time you might look at this one.

For those who want to push their little one around. This stroller will hold your puppy or your adult Corgi.


I can not emphasize enough how important it is to continue training with your puppy!!!  Your puppy will quickly forget everything that it knows if you do not continue on with socializtion and training.   The best solution that I have found is Baxter & Bella.  

You only pay $178 for a lifetime subscription when you use the discount code HARMAN.  This gives you access to lessons, videos, puppy classes, obedience classes and a live trainer when needed. 

This training will help you to continue teaching important concepts like potty training, crate training and general manners. 


Use the Discount Code HARMAN for 25% off

Give your pup something special every month

Want to give your pup something special every month?  Bark Box is a great solution. My dogs know that it is for them and get super excited each month. 

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Puppy proofing your house

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