Genetic diseases with simple modes of inheritance

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-rcd3)

What is PRA-rcd3?

This genetic disease causes blindness.

What are the symptoms?

Puppies are normally diagnosed by the time that they are 8 weeks old.  They develop night blindness first then total blindness by 1 to 4 years of age. 

Is there a treatment?

There is no treatment.

Genetic testing & our breeding program

We test ALL of our breeding dogs for PRA-rcd3

We have no dogs who carry genes for this disease.   

What genetics are involved?

The gene involved is PDE6A on chromosome 4.  

This disease is a recessive autosomal genetic disease (like vWD1 and EIC) meaning that for a dog to be affected it must inherit 2 copies of the mutation (one from each parent).

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