Payment Options

Payment Options

We are currently taking all payments through Good Dog.  We have chosen to use Good Dog due to the number of scams out there which target both buyer and breeders.  If you have never heard of them before, Good Dog is a dog platform which provides education to both buyers and breeders.  They also offer a secure platform for select breeders to take payments and buyers have the option of purchasing guaranteed support and fraud protection.  We love the peace of mind that this gives buyers plus the many resources that buyers have access to.  

We have outlined the payment and plan options below.  Please choose the one that works best for you and give them a call if you have a question or need help.  

Please keep in mind the following things:

  • Please note that if you pick up your puppy in person, you may either pay before the pickup through Good Dog or pay in cash at the time of pickup.
  • When having your puppy delivered, you will need to pay for your puppy in full 3 days before we can send your puppy with our transporter.  This gives time for payments to process.
  • We always send a receipt for your records after each payment has been processed.  

Good Dog Payment Options

You will receive an invoice from us through Good Dog where you will have 2 options.  

Option 1 offers fraud protection & support.  There is a small fee associated with it as outlined below.  

Option 2 is just a payment option without fraud protection and fees.  

There are also 2 options for payment 

Payment Option A – using a credit card, debit card or Google Pay(please note that a 3% processing fee will be added) 

Payment Option B – paying with a back transfer (ACH).  There are no processing fees with this option. If you have problems connecting your bank please give them a call at 855-446-6336.

Here are a few pointers:

  • If you have any questions or a problem please give them a call.  They will be able to answer your questions. 
  • Please plan ahead and give yourself extra time when making a payment in case you need assistance.  Their number is 855-446-6336.
  • Take a look at their payment information page and my step by step explanations below to help you understand all of the options.  

Payment Options

The first thing that you will complete on your invoice is your payment information.  

Choose your method of payment and complete the information.  If you have any problems please call Good Dog directly at 855-446-6336.  To avoid paying a processing fee you can pay through a bank transfer. You will see the payment processing fees on the bottom of the invoice. 

Protection & Support Options

This option is found under the Summary heading near the bottom of your invoice.
Please note that the invoice default is set to add the Protection & Support plan.  You have to opt out to remove this fee.  To opt out, click on i icon  following the words Protection and Support and follow the directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basically Good Dog protects you against being scammed and guarantees that you will get your puppy or will receive your money back.   You also receive support including access to Courses, Coaching, a Private Facebook Community and Discounts. Here is what is included as Support.


  • How to prepare for your puppy
  • What to do and expect the first day and week
  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Socialization
  • Manners


  • Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls – you can ask questions or just listen to the discussion.
  • Weekly Office Hours – you can email the staff for help

Private Facebook Community:

  • Meet other people who are going through the same puppy stages that you are
  • Ask questions and get advice

Basically you pay a fee based upon the amount of the transaction. To see the complete fee schedule visit the Good Dog Protection & Support page.

Payment amount: $0-$99
Protection & Support Fee: $5

Payment amount: $100-$299
Protection & Support Fee: $15

Payment amount: $300-$599
Protection & Support Fee: $25

Payment amount: $600-$999
Protection & Support Fee: $45

Payment amount: $1000-$1,499
Protection & Support Fee: $75

Payment amount: $1,500-$1,999
Protection & Support Fee: $95

Payment amount: $2,000-$2,499
Protection & Support Fee: $125

Payment amount: $2,500-$2,999
Protection & Support Fee: $145

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